Brad Crowther’s novel The Ninth Man from Ingalls Publishing Group, Inc. is a modern day mystery that takes place in the Charleston, South Carolina area. The plot revolves around a fictional diary kept by a Union spy that explains the disappearance of the Confederate ‘fishboat’ Hunley, the world’s first successful combat submarine, which vanished after sinking a Union ship in Charleston Harbor in 1864 and did not emerge for 136 years.

Russ Berard, a retired Rhode Island police detective, returns home to Charleston to investigate his father’s murder and becomes entangled in the unhappy marriage of high school classmates who are pursuing a secret Hunley diary for purposes of developing a controversial reality TV show. The diary belongs to a shadowy former special forces assassin, whose ancestor, a Union spy, wrote the diary and was on board the Hunley the night it disappeared. Berard finds himself caught between devious friends and foes with competing interests as he discovers connections between his father’s murder and the Hunley diary.

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